Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Stuff Done: A Blog Post I Have Procrastinated About

Hello. My name is Tippi and I am  a procrastinator. I am also a perfectionist. I think the two go hand in hand due to the fact that I like things to be  perfect. So perfect that I can't even conquer something unless I can take the time to make it perfect. If it's not perfect - I ain't gonna do it! There, a project will just be on a list with other projects not getting done due to paralyzing perfectionism. 

I have also found that I am a terrible gift giver. I will try to find just the perfect gift for someone, passing over ones that would be just find in search of that one perfect gift. It becomes such a big task that many times I am giving gifts late or not at all. Terrible, I know. 

So, I thought I would just highlight a few helpful tips that I am going to try. I was on Pinterest recently and found this  great post here about "Getting Sh*t Done".  

1. Create a routine. This is super hard for me. Discipline is not my middle name. I do believe that this is so important and I'm gonna try dang it!

2. Make a daily to-do list. The days that I actually break down and do this- it actually really seems to help me get things done. I have found that It's very rewarding marking things off my list.

3. Don't Multi-task. Say what? I always thought this made one more productive. Not so. I am trying the one-thing-at-a-time mentality. It keeps me focused and less scattered for sure.

4. Silence the phone! Need I say more?

5. Do Those MIT's first. Put those "most important tasks" on your list and mark them must do's.

So, now I can check this blog post off my list! Happy Friday!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Tisket A Tasket: Tribal Baskets

A Tisket A Tasket: Tribal Baskets

Have you noticed these fabulous baskets showing up on the pages of interior design photos everywhere? Not only are the colors bright and cheery but they are perfect for storing all kinds of clutter.  Do you have a favorite? I do. I'll have a number 5 with a side of number 4. Oh heck. I'll take them all please.

If you want to check out a good selection of these all in one place-West Elm is the place to be. If you are the shy type, they also have a great selection of normal natural variety.

If you are feeling at all  budget-y, you could get out those acrylic paints and paint your desired pattern on a simple basket. You know you can do it. I smell a project in the works!



Monday, August 13, 2012

Quick Change: A Mini Closet Makeover

Happy Monday- yes, Monday can be happy. You can do it!! Today  I am going to leave you with a post about a closet quick change. A mini-boutique, if you will. 

Let's go into my closet, shall we? (you should be very afraid right now.)

As you can see, there's a whole lotta stuff  in that there closet. Maybe we should step back.

Yikes, peoples. Now that's a big 'ole mess. Might I mention that I share this closet with the Mr.? I'd love to blame that mess on the floor on him- but I won't. Because I'm the perfectionist. Well that doesn't make good sense does it? My philosophy is that if I don't make time for it to be just perfect- it is going to be incredibly imperfect until it gets done. Sad. Weird. True. 

Here's the after. I think we can all stop screaming and breathe easier now. I cleaned out the clutter and ta da- I have a lovely place to keep my jewels, handbags, and zapatos. ( Please excuse that girl in the mirror-  she's not her prettiest when she's in the midst of projects!) 

Here's how to create your own mini closet boutique:

1. Start with a cute shelf. I bought this one at a consignment shop. They are really easy to come by. You could also buy something new and similar here. 

2. Line your shelf with some fun patterned contact paper. I found this on the clearance rack at Marshall's. You can find something similar here.

3. Add some fun books to stack giving your shelf some height. I love getting books to decorate with from thrift stores. I also sometimes find really good deals here

4. Use various plates, bowls, and dishes to hold smaller jewelry pieces. A larger bowl I had was perfect for housing some smaller clutches. I also gathered a couple of random dishes to hold some other loose pieces. These can also be found in abundance at thrift stores but i found mine right in my own kitchen.   

5. A jewelry tree is a must have item. I used one here to add some more height. It obviously serves a great  purpose for easy access to  my favorite necklaces. You can buy them for $10-$12.

5. Add some pretty perfume bottles. As you can see- it might be time to replenish some of my favs.    

6. Display your sunglasses on the top shelf. If you are like me, they are often times left in the car to get scratched  up and damaged. At the end of the day they go back right on top of this shelf. Easy peasy.

7. Add a piece of funky abstract art work. I made this one. I recommend you make one too. So easy and el cheapo. Canvas and paint. Done.

 8. Display those handbags! Mine were hanging on the closet door and stuck out  
as you entered the closet. I like them much better on this shelf. Ah, more room!

9. Display a few pairs of your favorite shoes. This really serves no purpose but to give it that fancy boutique feel. It might even give you a little extra room on that shoe shelf to buy more.( just don't tell your husband! )

10. Add a fun rug. You can find your own cute little 2 x 3 flokati here.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

How To Wear Ankle Booties

How To Wear Ankle Booties

How To Wear Ankle Booties by tmaceinteriordesign featuring skinny leg jeans

Here's a fun little post I created from Polyvore. So, if you feel so inclined to spend $350 on that lovely little Alexander Wang sweater- go right ahead. I'll be at Old Navy buying a knock off cheaper version.

This creation stemmed from a very recent purchase I made at TJ Maxx.( you know- where you find the max for the minimum!) I found some really cute ankle boots very similar to those pictured in the set and just HAD to have them. I had no idea how to wear them or what to wear them with. The fashion gods must have taken  over my body because before I knew it I had left the store with those boots in my bag.

I am also loving colored skinny jeans. I have several colors and think they are such a nice alternative to the usual blue denim. My bright pink ones are fabulous. I'm happily surprised how many things they go with. Besides that, I can cross the street with confidence that I will be seen by oncoming traffic.  

Apparently I'm right on track with the trends because after doing a little research for this post I discovered that lots of fashion-y celebs are sporting these little numbers:

Oh Miss Isabel - aren't you popular! You , Katie, and Suri all hanging out  in your "Dickers" together.

Here you are again with Katie and some more friends. Wow- you get around! 

If you want the real deal Isabel Marant's - they are going to run you about $565 a pair. Otherwise-  get yo' self to Tj Maxx and pick up a pair for $35.