Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Stuff Done: A Blog Post I Have Procrastinated About

Hello. My name is Tippi and I am  a procrastinator. I am also a perfectionist. I think the two go hand in hand due to the fact that I like things to be  perfect. So perfect that I can't even conquer something unless I can take the time to make it perfect. If it's not perfect - I ain't gonna do it! There, a project will just be on a list with other projects not getting done due to paralyzing perfectionism. 

I have also found that I am a terrible gift giver. I will try to find just the perfect gift for someone, passing over ones that would be just find in search of that one perfect gift. It becomes such a big task that many times I am giving gifts late or not at all. Terrible, I know. 

So, I thought I would just highlight a few helpful tips that I am going to try. I was on Pinterest recently and found this  great post here about "Getting Sh*t Done".  

1. Create a routine. This is super hard for me. Discipline is not my middle name. I do believe that this is so important and I'm gonna try dang it!

2. Make a daily to-do list. The days that I actually break down and do this- it actually really seems to help me get things done. I have found that It's very rewarding marking things off my list.

3. Don't Multi-task. Say what? I always thought this made one more productive. Not so. I am trying the one-thing-at-a-time mentality. It keeps me focused and less scattered for sure.

4. Silence the phone! Need I say more?

5. Do Those MIT's first. Put those "most important tasks" on your list and mark them must do's.

So, now I can check this blog post off my list! Happy Friday!!


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