Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Before + After : My Front Porch

I starting to realize that being incredibly particular getting me no where fast in blogland. I am starting to figure out if I continue on this route I will never have anything posted. As The Nester says " It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!" So, here goes!

The Before:

This is my lonely little porch before. I love the style of this house. Very "mountain contemporary" but all  of the stone work made the front facade seem very blah. Did I mention I love color?

I have had these planter boxes for a while and thought I could paint them something fun and  bright . Did I mention that I am having a yellow moment right now? 

I also had this fun red floral outdoor fabric around and made some pillow covers with it. I'd also love to paint those urns white but that's a project for another day. Maybe the bench should be white too? I think it works for now-  (sometimes I just can't put down the spray paint!)

The After: 

Tah Dah! I love how the planters turned out. It definitely needed that bright sunny yellow! 

xoxo- Tippi

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  1. Hey Tippi! So glad you left a comment on my blog, because now I've found yours. I've had fun browsing so far. I have to say I'm having a sincere case of jealousy over your front porch. It's gorgeous and exactly how I want my "someday" front porch to look! :)