Do you want to make your home look fabulous by using and reinventing things you already own? Perhaps you have some concept of what you want but just not sure of how to get there. Maybe you don't even know where to begin. (lots of people feel this way- you are not alone!!)

Well, guess what? I can help make that possible! And another guess what ? I'm affordable! Here's what I can offer you: 

 Jump Start Consultation  $75

In Home 1 Hour Consultation

(for Hendersonville /Asheville area):

These clients usually have specific questions relating to their design goals.

I will come to your home and discuss what you want to accomplish in the room. I will then give you ideas  about where to start. This would include but not limited to suggestions about furniture placement, paint colors, fabric, ect.

I will then follow up with you via email after  reviewing notes and photos from our consultation. This would  provide you with thorough  summary of my visit and any other suggestions I might have.

Mini e-Design Consultation  $40

(proximity not an issue)

These clients have specific questions about paint colors, fabric, furniture, ect.

Email me your design dilemma and I will follow up promptly with a solution. This may include a picture or source suggestion.( I have lots of great paint color suggestions and online sources for  furniture and accessories.) 

The Whole Sha-bang  $150


(Proximity not an issue- yeah!!) 

These long distance or local diy clients are requesting a complete inspiration board for a specific room with guidance and suggestions.

I will need you to  answer a few questions and  after reviewing photos of your room, I will then organize a design plan on a virtual inspiration board emailed to you in about a week with a summary of how to implement this into your room.

New To You! Room Re-Do  $250

(Local Hendersonville/Asheville area clents)

These clients need a "done in a day" room reinvention. 

In most cases, this can be done in 3-4 hours depending on the room. I will use what you own- furniture, accessories, ect. to make your space feel new again with out having to buy a thing. I will also make suggestions if needed about what you can accomplish on your own.

Please email me at to set up payment. Thank you so much for your interest. I look forward to working with you!