Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekend Scenes: A Sputnik Chandelier D.I.Y.

It was the most beautiful weekend. When it is gorgeous outside, most people around these parts think about going on a hike or bike ride or hopping in the ole' kayak. Not me. I think, "what a gorgeous day to spray paint!" So, that's exactly what I did all weekend long.

I gotta give props to the Hubster who was uncharacteristically patient with me while I nervously and cautiously tried to figure out how high I wanted it to hang. 

Isn't it crazy that this used to look like this?

I also have to give props to Jenny for the  inspiration. I did a slight variation of Jenny's project and have tons of those cups left over. Email me if you are interested in them.

Have a great Tuesday!!

xoxo- Tippi 

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