Friday, June 1, 2012

Please Excuse Me: I Have the Case of the Friday Growing Up Blues

 I'm a little overwhelmed and teary.  I find I feel that way sometimes. I'm guessing it comes with motherhood. Trying to balance motherhood with decorating the hood has become quite the challenge lately. I just keep telling myself I'll figure it all out- and I won't. I  find I must have a mantra. It keeps me somewhat sane! 

Anyway, feeling a little sad today.

This one just graduated from 8th grade.( Mine is 2nd from right)
That means I'll have a high school-er in few short months- say what?!

This morning I drove this sweet girl to her last day of 4th grade.  I know I should be happy. Instead, I'm really quite sad. 
I am having a hard time today with this growing up thing. Somehow sending them to kindergarten was easy. I was ready and they were ready. Now, I want to go back. So cliche, but where has the time gone?? Tick tock ... :(

xoxo- Tippi

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