Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Snippet: I Could Get Used To This

Oh, what a great weekend I had. Is it really over? On Friday we flew to see Zac Brown in concert in Columbia. Yes, flew.  We went with friends- the husband  is a pilot and I was assured he would get us all there safe and sound. It was a 45 minute trip from Asheville-but trust me. It seemed longer than that. The weather was not that fabulous.  I was definitely trying to hold it together. I should probably stop watching Dateline and I Survived. During the "mild" turbulence, I was convinced we were going down and realized  I should never leave home without twine and a pocket knife. I've been told I have a habit of overreacting. We touched down back in Asheville around midnight obviously safe and sound. It must not have been that bad after all  because I found myself asking "where are we going next?! 

The concert was awesome. I am now definitely a Zac Brown fan. It was quite a show.

I also learned that I'm a terrible concert photographer and I should just stick to overreacting and decorating.

On a different note- we  took my daughter to see The Hunger Games. I have not read the books, but was anxious to see the movie due to the fact that it was filmed in the DuPont State Forest- minutes down the road from us. As expected,
 I am now totally  hooked and want to start reading the books before the next movie comes out.

xoxo, Tippi

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