Saturday, February 25, 2012

Retail Therapy

Ahhhh... retail therapy-It really does solve all the world's problems in an instant. I suddenly felt so much better after leaving Marshall's with these lover-ly coveted items. Usually I leave that place with a whole lotta  nada! It was finally my turn! As you can see, Mama loves color- and pepper in a little pattern and it looks as if Mama's gone crazy. Yes,I agree there's a lot going on here but I'm confident they are all going to work in our new house. We just signed a lease on a home  that I am really excited about- It's very neutral and I that I love. I'm really looking forward to being settled.

I thought while I'm at it- I'd throw in a pic of this little number I bought at a little accessories shop in town recently. It doesn't look very large in the picture but it is actually 19" from top to bottom. The best part is that it was only 25 buckaroos! I really love ginger jars and I'm hoping to use it in a collection on top of an armoire.  I do like to mix in a little of this blue transfer ware .It seems to strike a nice balance with some of my more  modern pieces.   

Happy Weekend!! 

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