Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fun Re-Vamped Trunk- Turned- Coffee Table

I had planned to do some major spray painting, but unfortunately the rainy weather prevented that from happening. It forced me to turn my attention to this trunk that I have had collecting dust in the garage. I am in the process of revamping my screened-in porch and needed a coffee table. I am challenging myself to use what I have in an effort to redesign this space with little to no cost.

When I decided that I wanted to use the trunk, I did a little searching for some inspiration pictures. That's when I came up with the idea to paint out the hardware. Here are a few pictures of some other options. My option was quick and fast, but if you have more time on your hands these other options would be really fun. 

Wouldn't it be fun to recreate this Louis Vuitton pattern?  

 This is really similar to mine. I thought about using gold but knew I was wanting to use some gold accessories and thought it would be too much.

Love this!

This was a garage sale find. I love how she  painted the numbers representing her anniversary.

And mine:

I knew the trunk could use just a little umph ( yes, that's a word!) I had some left over metallic paint from a previous project and decided to "sparkle up" the hardware. It took just an hour or so and ta dah- a fun bohemian inspired design plan emerged. I'm also considering adding some legs to the bottom. 

Stay tuned. I'm hoping to finish and show you more pictures by the end of the week!

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