Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Dining Room- The Saga Continues...

Okay, so I've hit a tiny wall (not literally) with my never ending dining room project. As I predicted, the seats of the chairs are bolted in with some very strange hardware that I am probably going to have to take to my upholsterer to remove. I was really holding out hope that this part would be easy. Apparently not.

Here's a lovely birds eye view of the seats. It's so unfortunate that "Baby's First Year" yellow crunchy fabric is not "in" or these would be keepers: 

The great news is that I am almost finished with the china cabinet and I am really happy with the results so far. At least one project is going right! 

I've been wanting to try the project posted here for a while now.  I happened to have this basket that I bought at Target a year or so ago and thought it would be perfect.


 Ta Da! I think she is pretty happy now. This project calls for spray paint but I had tons of silver paint left over from my cabinet. Brushing it on seemed just as easy- it maybe took 15 minutes to complete. (And I didn't have to tape off any areas which was a big time saver)

She looks pretty similar to these babies don'y you think?

 via Martha Stewart 

 Lastly, I would like to share this :

I blogged about these last week? I ordered two and love them. They are perfect-o in my living room.

Happy Wednesday!!

 xo, Tippi 

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