Friday, September 7, 2012

My Foyer

Have I mentioned how much I love having a foyer? Maybe not. Well, I really do. Our old house did not have one. Anyone that stopped by had the pleasure of walking smack dab into the living room or as I like to call it- " the eye of the storm." With a foyer, you can give your visitors a peaceful entrance into you home : A room that no one is in for very long. A room  that doesn't house a bed, tv or underwear. It's almost like a "pretend" room. Like "Come on into my foyer- I'm pretending the rest of my house you can't see right now looks just as clean and well kept as this!"

This is a shot of the foyer before we moved in.

I neglected to take a full picture of the "after" foyer. I guess because I change all the time there's not true "after". I find it really difficult to figure out when to take pictures because I feel like nothing is ever finished. I'm okay with that.

I love this little alcove seating area that I created. That bench has been in our family forever- this is the second cover I've had made for it. I have some leftover fabric and plan to have a bolster pillow made.

I felt like it needed some funky art- so I painted up these  little watercolors, painted the mats and put in some Ikea frames that I had. I keep thinking I may do a gallery wall of pictures here at some point.

This piece was my Grandmother's - I have had it since we got married and hesitated painting it until recently.

This piece is placed on the right wall looking towards the front door.
I'm glad I decided to paint it. It still needs a coat or two of varnish. I would also like to put round pulls  on it eventually to give it more of a Regency look. What do you think about my foo dogs? They were 7.99 a piece, although my friend Claire says I paid 7.99 too much. I'll be wrapping these up for her at Christmas.  

Happy Friday!! 


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