Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Latest Project: Downtown Window Display

Just a quick post to check in and ask the question what the heck happened to Summer? How is it the end of July? I was going to make homemade ice cream and have water balloon fights and most of all GET A TAN!! Dear Summer: I'd like a do-over  please ! Before you know it it's going to be February and time to take the tree down.

Anyhow, here's what I've been up to:

A few months ago I was approached about designing a window for a bookstore we frequent in downtown Hendersonville. I was very interested at the time but   I would be unable to meet the deadline due to other commitments. Luckily, we worked some other dates and here's how it all went down:

I was given a theme " Ah, Summer in the Mountains". I originally thought I would use my son's kayak in the window and make it all "outdoorsy- sporty".I thought I could use his hiking boots and all that jazz to set the scene.  Then I realized that it was destined to end up as "Blah, Summer in the Mountains". Boring and expected and not at all having my stamp of creativity on it. So, on to plan B I went.

Plan B was comprised of displaying items that you might see smart  booky- lovin people doing in the summer aside from reading. I wanted to draw people in with color and a touch of whimsy- and more grosgrain ribbon they've seen in their lives! 

Over several weeks I scoured  over thrift stores (ah chew!)  finding items to drag into my house for my husband and kids to trip over. Ah, the continuous ramifications of of mom's projects!  

In the end, my house looked like a bomb hit it. That's a true sign of the creative process working it's magic.    


 See, even my cat was feeling creative. And she just loves it when I use the word "whimsy".

This was probably a strange sight to see as I drove through town.

So, let's  cut to the chase- here is the end result. I'm really pleased with the window and how it turned out. If you are in Hendersonville - be sure to check out Fountainhead Bookstore!! Thank you Valerie! 

Here's a before shot ( apparently Fingerinthepicture Syndrome is a common trait passed down in my family for generations)




                 Ta da!

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